WE BELIEVE  in an integrated approach to therapy where the mind, emotions,  and body are accounted for in the recovery and healing process.   When we are experiencing emotional distress our entire being experiences the pain.   Letting go of pain by challenging unhealthy thought patterns, letting go of resentments and resolving painful emotions from the past, and releasing tension from the muscles and nervous system all work together to create better mental and physical health.  

WE SUPPORT  our clients  to understand their defences, or the ways we block ourselves from living our true potential, into healthy ways of relating to self, others and the world.  Underlying much of emotional distress, anxiety and depression are suppressed emotions having to deal with our “unacceptability,” as persons.  

WE ENCOURAGE our clients to embrace their authentic selves by courageously challenging the negative self-talk  of the “false selves,”,   to accept  negative emotions simply as  underlying needs to met,  and making a commitment to stop the cycles of shame, guilt and blame. Positive change happens when we become more like ourselves rather than trying to be something others want us to be.